train toy set for 3 years old

When you have a growing kid and you are thinking of giving him or her train toy set, you are probably going to make best decision for your kid. Because train toy sets are such toy set that the children loves very much at the same time it force children to be creative and logical in their problem-solving. Here in this article we will discus on train toys for 3 year old and above.

Train toy set comes with different features basis on different age group. A set that is easy to assemble and easy to pack away is an essential, as maximum children only play with certain toys for a short while before wanting to move on to another. Before selecting any particular train set for your toddler, you must ensure there aren’t any small pieces, and that the parts are safe to be held in little hands.

Here is the detailed analysis on the 7 best train toys for 3 year old and above. This will help you to get an idea of your selection of train toys for your kid. And also there are a few more tips at the bottom that will help you to make the best choice for the kid.

1. Fisher-Price GeoTrax Remote Control Timebertown Railway

With this Fisher-Price GeoTrax Remote Control Timbertown Railway, your little one will be entertained for hours by using the 15 portions of colorful track, connecting Easy Rail Station, expanded mountain with tunnel and an operational crane. It also includes a three piece RC train, caboose, log cart and cargo, with conductor toy and components that go up and down when the train is on run. This train set can be used both by hand and through remote control, making it perfect for kids of both choices. Kids of ages of 2 to 7 are recommended for this train set. 6 AAA batteries are required to run this set (batteries are not included).


2. LEGO City Cargo Train 60052 Train Toys for 3 year old and above

This wonderful Lego train set is a two in one toy set. This toy set lets kids build their own motorized train brick by brick, it included everything they need to build a cargo train, including a crane to help lift and lower the cargo, an eight-channel-seven-speed infrared remote control to send it rolling down the tracks.

It includes a full circular track with 30 curved rail tracks and eight straight ones, and accessories like a cow (for the cattle wagon), a bucket of milk and train station complete with an office that has a computer, cup, trash can and fire extinguisher a forklift driver, train driver, farmer and truck driver to drive the creative play which makes this train set a unique one than the regular train sets.


3. Kids Destiny Wooden Train Set

If you are thinking of giving something different from the traditional train toys to your kids, this wooden train set is the perfect one. This 50pc wooden train set includes 4 vehicles, 6 people and signs, 14 trees and buildings, and a whopping 26 varying pieces of track to let your child’s imagination run wild. This complete wooden train set last long for generations so if you want something that will endure anything your children and your children’s children can put it through. Kids ages from one to five are recommended for this toy.


4.VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset

This lovely train set can get children’s learning on track while they play. The spatiality of this train set is kids’ will learn important skills while playing with the tracks, an electronic train station, a bridge, tunnel and more. There are 10 SmartPoint locations interact with SmartPoint vehicles to trigger fun phrases, music and sound effects. Extra vehicles can be obtained independently, and each evokes a different response to the SmartPoints. This beautiful, smart train set is prescribed for children who are more than one year older and up.


5. KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table

This train set accompanies everything kids need to get their train amusement on, including the table. This is 100 pieces set including train tracks and three trains. The fun doesn’t stop there, in any case, as this set gives a brilliantly painted landscape that sets the scene just as fun highlights like an air terminal with a runway, a helipad and a hospital with an ambulance. There are animals, trees, bridges, extra vehicles and more for huge amounts of innovative adventures. Two bins are given to store the pieces that are not being utilized. This incredible train table set is recommended for ages three and up.


6. WolVol Kid Starter Colorful Tracks Train toys for 3 year old and above

This WolVol Kid Starter Colorful Tracks Train Set is a very simple train set but very colorful and with light and sound, is more enjoyable as well. This playful train set can move all on its own, or babies can take over as conductor for hours of entertainment.  The little cute engine makes realistic sounds as it goes round the track. Your youngster will love hearing a realistic train whistle and a bell warning that the train is coming. The fascinating lights, colors, and sounds will keep babies engaged for hours. This train set is very simple and also very easy to assemble and operate.


7. Bigjigs Rail Wooden Fairy Town Train Set – 75 Play Pieces

It is very common that girls like pink toys so if your little angel prefers pink toys, this wooden fairy town train set will be a nice choice. This 75 pieces train set Included everything from a pink bridge to pastel trees, houses and even a helipad. And of course, there are fairies included as well. It has everything they need to build a beautiful, fanciful world in which to get on plenty of magical rides. This fancy Wooden Fairy Town Train Set is recommended for ages three to eight.



How to choose best train set for your toddler?

Give priority to your kid’s interest:

The primary thing that you need to consider when thinking of a train set for your baby is what does they like?

Think of what does your child prefers while playing?

For instance, do they prefer structure things? Then a train set with lots of parts to assemble or a Lego set or a combination of these two could be the choice for you. Many train sets have additional pieces so that kids can not only design the tracks, but also the town around it.

Find out what is their favorite color?

Regardless of gender all kids love colorful toys. But you will certainly find more “boy” or “girl” themes out in market, like blue for boys and pink for girls. Many train sets for toddlers include bright colorful displays, red, yellow and greens are common. You can choose train set for your kid on basis of his/her choice of color.

Do they like playing through a remote control or like moving their toys on their own?

Indeed, there are train sets for both. Some have two choices also, where you can pick among manual and controller activity. The Fisher-Price GeoTrax Remote Control Timbertown Railway is one of the more famous choices for control options.

What Materials do you prefer most?

Toy train sets can be found in many materials, like wood, plastic, and metal. Each conceding specific characteristics that might be ideal for your kids and their playing experience. Plastic toys are preferred most for its various demotions of design, bright color and easy cleaning.

Encourage Learning through Playing

If you want to make sure that your kids are learning while playing, and this is a priority to you, make sure that your selected train sets include sound and lights, engaging track options and reactionary features that will kick the educational value up to a mark.

Models such as the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spiral Tower Playset and other models of Vtech, allow children to take interaction to different dimension. While train sets inherently are beneficial for young hands learning dexterity and working on those motor skills.

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