Baby feeding

Baby feeding for the very first year

Feeding the baby needs to be an enjoyable experience for you and for your baby, this is your bonding moment. Make it last and you will raise a healthy baby. If you will be stressed memorizing all the helpful advice of your mom, your friend and other people, it may Continue Reading

How Do You Discipline Your Child?

How Do You Discipline Your Child?

How do you discipline your child? How do you manage Children’s Behavior Problems? Do you keep in mind that children are naturally inquisitive? They just have to know what is going on… and why it is happening. As children mature, their curiosity matures as well. They begin to desire to Continue Reading

How to Calm a Crying Baby

For every parent it’s always tough when their child won’t stop crying. You may stress that something isn’t right with your child, that you start questioning your parenting skill, or that you are never connected with your baby. but, you can deal with it! Learning the correct techniques can help Continue Reading

ttriming baby nail with cliper

How to trim baby’s nail safely

New parents have a major concern when their new born need nail trimming. Babies’ nails are very soft and need much care while trimming them. It is something that you need to trim on regular basis, and it is terrifying for the new parents as there is every chance of Continue Reading

Basic Home Safety Checklist

We live in homes to be safe and protected from all kind of hazards and calamities.So we make our home comfortable for us. We need to know some safety measures to make our home safer, especially when we have kids at home. Here we will  find out some basic home Continue Reading