The Importance of Educational Baby Toys

From the time babies are born they depend on their parents to take care of them. They need to be fed, burped, changed, and given baths. Despite what many people believe, babies also need stimulation so their young minds can grow and develop whenever they are not asleep. Putting their baby carriage in front of a TV is not adequate and neither is handing them a stuffed teddy bear. The plush companion may be comforting, but it will not teach the child any new skills.

If the baby has no desire to play with a toy, it is pretty much useless. Educational baby toys, both branded and locally manufactured, are designed to attract a baby’s attention. They are colorful, make noise, and are easy to hold. Will, a brightly colored wriggly critter that easily attaches to prams and cots may not have real musical components, but sure rattles and shakes its brightly colored body and wings when pulled down and released.

Educational baby toys must be age appropriate. A two-piece Jungleloo monkey or elephant puzzle may be a wonderful aid in the development of fine motor and visual skills for a little while, but would probably bore a three-year old, who needs a bigger challenge. The opposite is also true. A train toy or a stack of building blocks may inspire the imagination of a toddler, but all a 10-month old would do with these toys is put the pieces in their mouth and chew on them – especially if they are going through a teething phase. They would be better entertained with a musical discovery spiral with cute dangling rattle pals. The securely attached activity icons include crinkle sounds, soft gentle rattles, squeakers and mirrors.

Size matters when buying educational baby toys. A dinosaur pegboard may teach a tot shapes and color coordination, but if the small pegs get into the tiny hands of a ‘crawler’ and make their way up to the mouth, they can suddenly become dangerous choke hazards. If you really want to impress new parents with a special gift and show that you care, you are far better off giving them a ‘Playful Melody” gift box. The package contains a bright and funky caterpillar rattle that squeaks, crunches and has a bendable body, an adorable soft bell rattle with shiny wings and textured teether links for holding and biting, and last but not least, a music CD featuring vibrant and delightful classical melodies.

Most toys manufacturers mark on the packaging for which age group their products are best suited. That is very helpful, but toy shoppers often forget that this information is only a guideline. Each baby develops at his or her own pace and what may be an entertaining toy for one child may be too advanced for another. That is no big deal as babies all go through the same development stages. So, if a shape sorter is too difficult when first presented to a baby, don’t worry. Just put it away and try again in a month. You’d be surprised how much progress a baby can make in a few weeks time!

Educational Baby Toys
Educational Baby Toys

Help Your Baby’s Development For Up to One Years Old With Baby Toys 

There are many things you need to help your baby develop during this early stage and the most important things are feeding, changing and lots of love from the parents and family of course. All too soon that little bundle of joy will start to become a little person who has his or her own personality and starts to look around and begin to learn about the world around him or her.

It will start with shiny or light objects such as jewelry, television or your mobile phone and once your baby starts observing these things, they are ready and aware of the world around them, enough to start interacting with things.

There are many items on the market that improve a baby’s development and help stimulate their world but the following items are ones that will cover all the aspects important for your baby.

A Shape Sorter – There are many models out there made from various materials like wood and plastics. Some will make sounds as the shapes are put through the container and some are more basic, but it will not matter to your baby. At this stage, they’re learning from you, so it will be all about your interactions with the shape sorter that they will learn what it’s all about. Talking about what the shapes are and their colors and where they go and celebrating when you have put the shape through, will all be your actions to begin with but as baby grows, they will hold the shapes and then learn to put them in. Once they are toddlers, they can tell you the shape and colors too. This toy will be one you play with and learn from, then hide it for a few months and then play with again and see how much your child has developed in terms of knowledge and understanding, as well as physical skills.

Stacking Cups – They are also great beginner toys, as to begin with your baby will simply hold them and may even hold two one in each hand and bang them together, which is an important part of their first years development. As your baby progresses, you can really play with them, stacking up the cups as fast as you can, before they knock it down and then on to them trying to stack the cups on their own. Again talking about size and color can go hand in hand with stacking cups and you can even get creative and hide things under them to see if baby remembers which cup it’s under. This toy will also be hours of fun at this early stage and they will learn so much through the interaction with you.

Books are an amazing way for your baby to learn and there are hundreds of different types out there from bath books to buggy books, textured books, flap books, noisy books, alphabet and character books. Your baby will love looking at simplistic colorful pictures and hearing your voice, so books are the perfect way to help a child learn the basics of phonics, which is the key to communication through speaking and reading and writing later on in life.

Anyway you can stimulate your child’s world will help them to learn something new, which is the cornerstone of their development, and if you can have fun too, you are helping them be happy and contented.

Yes, it is true, the best toys for your baby are educational baby toys.  This page has a lot of good ideas to get you started on the right track.  Think of more than just stuffed toys for your baby, think educational baby toys, and you will be forever glad you did.

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