I have finally (after 6 kids) gotten to a place in my parenting journey where I have a good handle on what to pack in a diaper bag. Up until my fifth child, it was a huge roll of the dice whether I had what I needed for basic baby care on the road. I never checked the diaper bag before leaving home, sometimes I didn’t even check to make sure that I had the diaper bag.

I sat down and came up with a short list of five mandatory items that I needed to have in the diaper bag before leaving the house. I have gotten into the habit of checking my list before I walk out the door. I leave my diaper bag right by the front door so that I don’t forget to grab it on the way out. So, here’s mandatory list for what to pack in a diaper bag.

Diaper Supplies

I always make sure to have a bare minimum of two diapers for each child. If you are going to be away from home for longer period, go ahead and pack four or five per child. If your diaper bag is large enough, go ahead and pack a full size box of wipes, if not, get one of the travel wipes containers, the ones that are hard plastic, don’t bother with the bags. I like to do a quick finger test to ensure that the wipes are still moist. Make sure you have diaper cream too. When traveling, babies are much more prone to develop a rash, most likely because of their seated position, with more pressure on their bottom. I also like to make sure that I have a few plastic bags for stinky diapers.

Feeding Supplies

Whether your baby is breast fed, bottle fed, or drinking from a sippy cup and eating solids, most of the time, you are going to want to make sure that you have your supplies. For breastfeeding, I like to keep a breastfeeding cover in my bag. If you are bottle feeding, keep a clean bottle, formula powder and water in the bag. If you have toddlers, keep a clean sippy cup and a toddler snack on hand. These supplies are a good idea, even if you don’t think you will be gone for long. Sometimes the best laid plans are delayed, and having a hungry baby or toddler will only get you discouraged.

Change of Clothing

I like to keep one change of clothes for my baby, and also any child who was recently potty trained, or who sometimes has accidents. If your diaper bag is not large enough, consider keeping the clothes in a plastic bag tucked into your trunk. I cannot tell you how many times I have wished for the spare pair of clothing. It’s just a good idea to be prepared, especially with babies under a year old. Spit up, pee, poop, it all happens, and it happens a lot. A wet baby is an unhappy baby. Let’s keep the baby happy.

Baby Toys

What To Pack In A Diaper Bag

Just keep one or two toys in your bag to distract the baby when he gets bored. Keeping toys that he doesn’t always get to see or play with in the diaper bag goes a long way in making sure that he isn’t quickly bored. I like to keep a squeaker toy, like Sophie the Giraffe, as well as something more quiet like a soft cloth book.

First Aid

What To Pack In A Diaper Bag

The diaper bag is an excellent place to keep basic first aid. I like to keep an herbal ointment similar to Neosporin, band-aids, finger nail clippers in my diaper bag. So, now I’m curious, what are your mandatory items that you tell moms about when they ask you what to pack in a diaper bag?

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