why is toy safety important

As parents, we are always worried about our kids and their safety is our highest priority. We do everything in our hand just to keep them healthy and protected. For newborn babies, there is a high amount of threats which requires us to keep track of every movement of the child.

And the risk increases, even more, when the infant has grown up a little since he or she would not enjoy laying on the bed all the time anymore. You have to let them play around you so that you can see what they are doing.

Most parents think when their kids are playing around them they are safe which is completely wrong. Toys can do heavy damage to your precious and some parents don’t even bother paying deep attention to toys when buying.

However, in this very article, we are going to demonstrate why is toy safety important and also share an in-depth guideline on choosing toys for your baby.

Let’s begin!

Importance of Safe Toys for Your Baby

According to United States CPSC (Consumer product safety commission), in US hospital’s emergency units, over 250000 kids were treated for toy-related injuries in the last three years and the majority of them were under 5-years old. So do not compromise anything when it comes down to your child’s safety.

When giving toys to your kids, look for the below factors for ensuring safety:

Choking Hazard

You will see a lot of toys that come with small parts which have the possibility to get loose easily when the baby is playing with it. These small parts can easily get into the kid’s mouth and cause a choking hazard. In case if you don’t know, chocking means when something gets into the throat and block the airways.

This can cause death if the right action is not taken immediately. So always pay high-attention to all the small parts of the toys before you give them to your kids.

Finger Trap

Some toys come with small compartments which can easily trap small fingers. And since they are the kid they would not be able to put their finger out slowly, they will keep forcing to get the finger out which might cause finger cut or finger pain.

Pointy Corners

There are a lot of toys which has pointy sharp parts which can scratch badly. Not only that, if somehow the kids fall on the toy, it can cause heavy damage. You should never give this kind of toys to your kids, especially when they are under the age limit.

Weight Of The Toy

The weight of the toys also plays a big role. There are some toys which are meant to be carried and if the toy is heavy, your kid would not be able to move that around. Even worse, what if they drop the heavy toy on themselves trying to lift that up? Because of the heaviness, your kid might fall on the ground as well as end up injuring himself.

Electronic Toys

You should not provide any electronic toys to your baby at an early age. For overusing electronic toys, they can get overheated which can bring any unexpected accidents. Since electronic toys need to be plugged into the socket, make sure your kid doesn’t see you doing that. Otherwise, they will try to do the same and who knows, they might end up contacting electricity. So you need to be careful of keeping electronic toys at home for the babies under one year age and take necessary steps to keep the home safe for them.


A lot of manufacturers produce rubber or plastic made toys which are toxic and contain a high amount of chemicals that are not healthy for humans. Children tend to leak things at an early age, that’s normal but when they leak such toys, it’s not healthy.

Most of the time cheap toys contain all these unhealthy things.So, it would be wise if you provide your kids with wooden toys.

Shooting Toys

If your kids are under 7 years, do not give them even slightly powerful shooting toys. They won’t understand and might shoot other kids. And if somehow it hits the eyes, it might cause big trouble.

Which Toys All Parents Should Avoid?

Below I have put together a list of toys which have caused a lot of injuries to kids, hence most of them are banned in some countries as well. However, have a look at the list and you will even get the reason why you should avoid these toys:

  • Balloons: Avoid giving balloons to your kids. Since most of them are rubber made, it might come with unhealthy chemicals. Plus, when the balloon is deflated it could be a choking hazard.
  • Toy chest: You should not keep a toy chest since the kid can get trapped inside it. And if you have one already, make sure you pay high attention to it when your kid is around that.
  • Stuffed toys: Stuffed toys such as doll comes with a lot of small parts which can easily get to your kid’s mouth and can cause choking.
  • Inflatable plastic toys: Cheap inflatable plastic toys are constructed with dangerous chemicals which can spread out when wet. So do not provide your kid cheap inflatable plastic or rubber items.
  • Trampoline: If your kid is under 7, do not give him or her a trampoline. This one causes over 1000 injuries in a year. Since jumping on trampolines requires little balancing,most under-aged babies fall into an accident.
  • Small magnetic toys: Magnets won’t pass through the digestive system, so if swallowed, they can get stuck on the throat or might even get into the stomach. And there is no doubt that it would make serious damage to kid’s health.
  • Rubber balls: Small rubber balls are kids’ favorite since they come in attractive colors and also smells pretty nice. And this is why most kids try to swallow it. If somehow the ball gets inside,it will definitely get stuck on the throat blocking the airway. You know the rest!

How to Choose Safe Toys for Kids?

As I mentioned earlier, you should not compromise anything when it comes down to your kid’s safety. So before buying toys, you have to take a bunch of factors into account and only that will help you to end up choosing the safest toy for your kid.

Here you go!

Check The Label

Well, I have provided a small list of toys that all parents should avoid but these are not all. There are a lot of toys that are being introduced which are not safe for kids. However, another way to get your hand on secure toys is checking out the label.

Check the labels and if you see any safety standard such as CPSC or ISO, then you can relax a bit. The first factor is checked. Let’s move on to the next one!

Age Group

I have seen many parents doing this mistake. They don’t buy toys according to the age of the kid who will be playing with it. There are different toys for different age groups. For example, you can’t give a chess board to your newborn baby.

Before you buy, make sure your kid will be able to play with it safely. And also check the label, there will be an age range given by the manufacturer.

Stay Aware Of Recalls

Before you go out for toy shopping, make sure you are updated with toys recalls. Recall happens when any harm is found in a particular product. Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to get the update of recent recalls.

And if you see a toy which is banned, you won’t buy that, simple!

Ignore Strings

Avoid toys that come with straps, strings, or cords. If the length of these straps or strings is more than 7 inches, it is enough to wrap around the neck of your kid and might cause strangulation in absence of your attention.

Shop From Reputed Brands

For just saving a few bucks do not run after cheap toys. For your kid’s sake, never do it. Always try to pick products from the reputed brands. Because of their reputation, these brands will never produce something that will harm the popularity.

And brand products are expensive and the major reason behind it is, they use top-notch materials in the construction, hence their products are long-lasting too.

Avoid Noisy Toys

Do not buy toys that make loud and sharp sounds. They are very annoying and not only that, they might even damage your kid’s hearing.

Check The Materials

Before you pick a toy, check the packaging and look for materials used in the construction. If you find any kind of material that contains an unhealthy chemical or any components, just avoid it. Do not even bother looking at that second time, doesn’t matter how bad your kid is insisting you to get that.

Large And Light Toys

Avoid buying toys that come with small compartments or parts. Small compartments might trap your kid’s finger and small parts might get into the mouth. And also make sure that the toy is lightweight so that your kid will be able to move that easily.


Wrapping up! I believe by now you know, why is toy safety important for your kids. Hope this article will help you to keep your kids safe by giving them safe toys.

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